So…defense is done, revisions are approved, all paperwork is turned in and my dissertation has been filed with the publishing organization.  Nothing now but to wait until May 11th, walk across the stage and graduate.

Over the next weeks I am going to be making several retrospective posts.  Specifically, these are the “knowing what I know now, what would I have done differently” discussions.  Some will relate to being a productive student, some to the graduate school process, and others just to life in general.  There may also be a couple regarding what I thought I did right.

If there is a particular question or topic you would like me to hit on, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Then comes the real questions – what now?  Am I still a “proto”-scholar?  I haven’t published anything by myself yet (although I’ve done solo conference presentations).  I am not seeking a tenure-track academic position.  Perhaps my version of “imposter syndrome” will be related to never quite feeling like I make it all the way to a full scholar.  Regardless, for now I will keep posting as I learn new things and find better ways to approach academic tasks.