It’s starting to feel real.  I revised the document and sent it back to my chair last sunday evening, then sat down to look at all the other things that have to be done in order to graduate.  They include:

– apply for (and pay for) graduation

– apply for the masters in passing that really should be automatic

– RSVP for commencement (i.e. emotionally commit to paying for the stupid robes that I will wear 1 time and then put in the back of the closet along with my wedding dress.  At least they won’t cost as much.)

– fill out the Survey of Earned Doctorates 😮

Boy, did doing that LAST one make it suddenly feel real.

I admit I’m an abnormal doctoral candidate.  I’m not really concerned about standing in front of my committee and defending my work, since I know what I did, why I did each step, and feel confident that (while I could have substantially lengthened and complicated it) it fits together as a single unit of solid research.  I’m NOT confident that the way I WROTE it will meet their requirements, especially given the fact that one doesn’t like my writing style.

But since I’m back to waiting again, I guess I’ll do something vaguely productive.  Like my taxes.  Or grading.  Or whatever it is that normal people do when they aren’t constantly working.  (Anyone want to clue me in as to what that is?  I can’t remember….)