The Good: My chair got back to me with comments on the results chapter, and overall felt that the analysis itself “looks fine” with no red flags or other signs that I messed something up.  Per his email, I am still on target for an April defense.

The Bad: Despite my clearly telling him that most of my work time was on weekends, he got it back to me at 8:30pm on the Monday of a long weekend.  So I took a vacation day today (my least busy work day) in order to work on it.  If it’s going to take him nearly a month to respond, I want to make sure he has all the time that he needs by getting my parts done as quickly as possible.

The Ugly:  While the numbers appear fine, he has some issues with the organization.  Rightly so to some extent; it wasn’t until I started to look at the data that I realized what a big impact the missing data would have.  (Some of my variables have as much as 35% missing data, and logistic regression by default just drops the entire record.  Additionally the group who is missing is different from the group that has the variables completed, suggesting that I can’t generalize from the subset that has complete data to the broader population.)

So, now I go back through it, looking at his comments and hoping I can fix this quickly enough to not have to delay graduation.