There are all sorts of advantages to having a .edu email address, and I stumbled on a new one recently.

If you are an Amazon customer you are probably familiar with Amazon Prime, which for $79 per year gives you free two-day shipping on everything and cheap upgrades to overnight shipping.  My husband and I have had this for years (and in fact it may well be the only reason I ever get all my christmas shopping done before christmas.)

Amazon has created Amazon Student, which is essentially Prime for Free for 1 year for students.  You sign up with your school, major, and a .edu address.  To me this is a great deal, since it saves the fee and lets you get anything amazon sells (books, music, electronics, whatever) in a fraction of the usual time.

Now, of course, if you are a Kindle user this might not be worth that much to you.  (I actually have a Sony eReader, although I use it mostly for casual fiction.  Which I will read again once I finish my dissertation.)  But even a single shipment will recoup the cost (free)!