Today is January 1st.  Time to get back to work if I’m going to finish up by April and defend this year.

I have been going back and forth with my advisor during December, trying to get him to sign off on my changes from the proposal review so that I can finally say that part is done.  One change outstanding.  Of course, it’s not an insignificant change.

In the meantime I submitted the grant proposal.  I should hear in late February.  I also got caught up on all the blogs I like to read, slept in, played with my dogs and watched all the episodes so far of The Walking Dead.  I also cooked and baked a lot, with mixed success.  (Well, everything was edible, but only some of the recipes are going to get made again.)  There was something else big in there, but right now I can’t remember what.  {I remember!  I got the next semester’s stats class set up, which involves moving to an online homework system and therefore took quite a lot of work.  Whew.  I’m too young for senior moments….}

In an effort to provide some value to anyone reading, I stumbled on an interesting blog post about Logistic Regression today.  Since I’m using it in my dissertation, it was important to me but it also provides a good easy to digest explanation, which is not something I had come across before.  If you might need it or just want to know what the heck it is (and how to interpret the SPSS output), take a quick read.  She’s funny.

Back to work with me.  I made the mistake of doing a search for a small fact to add to my lit review at my chair’s request and stumbled on an entire dissertation written in June related to my topic.  *SIGH* now I have to read it.  Meh.  If I can get the revised lit review signed off I can be officially ABD and actually register for the spring semester, AND be at Inbox Zero in my gmail account for the first time in forever.  (I do pretty well at work but have the holiday’s worth of crud to clear out Monday in order to get back to it.)