The PhD contains a bunch of milestones, and today I hit another one of the small ones.  Labor day weekend I sent drafts of chapters 1 through 3 to my chair.  That is basically the dissertation proposal; introduction (why should you care), literature review (*snore*), methodology (masochism).  I was expecting comments back before this week so I could work on it over the weekend.  Instead I got an email saying that, while he has some comments regarding grammar and style, it looks great and we should schedule my proposal defense.  I had allowed the entire semester to get to that point!  Once the oral proposal defense is done I will officially be a PhD candidate rather than a PhD student, and should be less than 6 months from graduation.  WHEE!!!!

Now I have to deal with all the rules, regulations and paperwork for the graduate college.  That is sometimes scarier than the dissertation itself!

Yay!  Progress!