A couple of weeks ago I posted about my own decision process between OneNote and Evernote;  To skip to the end, the result for me was OneNote.  Interestingly, Lifehacker started a thread asking people which tool they prefer.  More interesting than the poll is the comments.  Here are some comments that jumped out at me:

  • Evernote is great if you are organizing lots of OTHER people’s content.
  • OneNote is great if you are the one generating the content and need to organize it
  • Evernote is a clear winner if you work at a lot of different locations or on a number of different platforms.   It has a number of mobile platforms so that you can take notes and add items on the go.
  • OneNote is intimately integrated with Office, making working with it a no-brainer.  It is also tightly integrated with Outlook for tasks, calendar, and email.

Honestly, I’m still moving forward with OneNote.  I am also considering getting it for my machine at work, so that I can get very familiar with the app by using it in both places.    But I can also see how an undergrad or a more web-oriented project might work better in Evernote.