This semester is my second time teaching Intro Stats at the local community college, and I am finding as I prepare that I actually did learn things from the first attempt.  Things I learned:

  • Too much powerpoint is bad – you don’t have to show every step of every problem on the slides – use the board
  • You don’t have to cover every word of the book; make them read it, cover the high points and answer questions on the rest
  • More interactive exercises, less of hearing myself talk

So those are the things I’m working on.  I am down to about 16-18 slides per chapter, which is about half of what I used last time.  And I have found some interesting exercises, although not as many as I need quite yet.

The good news, however, is that the class doesn’t start until next week, so I have another week to get a few more chapters worth of materials put together, find more good articles and images, and come up with an exercise to help drive home the concept of standard deviation.