So, now that I have recharged my batteries and am feeling ready to deal with life again, that means getting organized.  Again.  I had let my systems go for a while, and spent some time today looking into new ideas.  Here are a few neat ones that I’ve found:

Franklin Covey now has a Rollabind disk-based binder system!  The paper is high-quality, with a week on two pages style that is appropriate when you have minimal scheduling in your planner.  This lets me put my project tabs at the back and still have things make sense.  (My company is in the process of massive cost cutting, so I will be AMAZED if they don’t take the blackberry back soon.  If so, this will become my calendar so that I can carry a less complicated phone.)  I like the look of this one better than the Levenger offering.

I recently came across a couple of really neat DIYPlanner templates that I am also considering (assuming I can find decent paper to print it on.  One is intended for Grad Students, with a column for reading that is really useful.  This one is probably better for full time students, but is nonetheless interesting.  Another interesting idea is the Work/Life planner pages, which are two pages per day but have the hours of the day arranged in boxes around the outside of todo and notes areas.

Dustin Wax at Stepcase Lifehack is writing a series right now on a new vision of Productivity that is really interesting.  The link is to the first article in the series, but all are worth a read. 

Mark Forster is looking for Beta Testers for a new productivity system.  Since his old one is pretty good, I’m going to give it a try.  If you are interested, go to his site, sign up for the newsletter and when it asks check Beta Tester.  He’s going to start around January 5th.

MakeUseOf has an interesting article on tools for students.  Really interesting to me is a free alternative to TurnItIn that I (as an adjunct) can use.  I can’t believe they forgot Zotero though; that thing just keeps getting better and better.