My November conference is done
My classes are done
My work as an RA is done
I am not submitting any more conference prosposals on the assumption that I need to stop presenting and write  my dissertation
I have no specific deadlines before March (AERA paper)

And I took the 3 working days of next week off.

I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere until December 1st.

If I want to sit around in my jammies and watch daytime TV all next week, I can
If I want to stay up late and sleep in every day, I can
If I want to take my dogs with me everywhere, I can

I can do whatever I want; if that means cooking or home improvement projects or cleaning or all the other things I have been putting off because of having too much work, that’s what I will do.

I need this so very very badly….

And it is making me very very happy right now!