Things are calming down.  This is good.

My two classes are now done (A’s in both classes) and my conference is next week.  Everything that had to be sent in advance of the conference has been sent, and now its just a matter of getting there.  Other than the day job, the only other thing I have to do is some data analysis for a school district that contracts with me each year.  (I help them analyze their AIMS data, which also keeps me kind of in touch with what is going on in an actual school.)  I finished the initial presentation today, and I need to fiddle with the data some to see what else makes sense to do with it.  (AIMS is the state exam, so each year it is different students.  That means I can’t do longitudinal analysis, but I CAN provide them pointers on students to pay attention to and the subjects they need the most help in, as well as trends year to year to help the teachers look at what they are doing.)  I present that on the 17th, and if its like last year there will be some follow-ups that will be done by Thanksgiving.

My current goal is to use these next few weeks to try to remotivate myself.  The conference next week should help, particularly if I take good notes and make some good contacts.  Maybe I’ll find a good book or two. 

Regardless, rest is part of productivity, so I am looking forward to a few weeks where I read the things I want to.  With any luck, that will quickly turn to things for my dissertation rather than bodice-rippers!