1. Why doesn’t the history channel ever show, you know, HISTORY?  Ice Road Truckers?  Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed?  Modern Marvels?  Mega Movers?  MonsterQuest?  
  2. If a movie is going to purportedly be about history, couldn’t they at least make it vaguely plausible?  I love a fun romp as much as the next guy, so tonight I watched National Treasure 2 – Book of Secrets (Widescreen).  It centers around Cibola, a City of Gold.  They find it.  In appearance it is essentially Mayan.  Several THOUSAND miles north of where one would reasonably find anything Mayan.  Couldn’t they have stuck it further south?  Texas?  New Mexico?  Somewhere not entirely impossible?  (Just for the record that was only the single most egregious historical absurdity in this bit of fluff.  It was far from the only one.