A few brief shout-outs to some blogs I’ve only recently become aware of but have definitely started to follow:

Hugo over at the Streamlined Mind included me on his list of worthwhile student productivity blogs, which I really appreciate.  Further, he pointed out that somewhere in fiddling with the format I had lost the About information on this blog.  It’s back on the sidebar.  (Mental note: less time on the format, more time on the CONTENT!)

I also read almost every one of the other blogs Hugo references.  Check out his list; it’s a great place to start.

Cory at Thoughts on Education Policy has been posting some, well, interesting thoughts on education policy, including what some of the OTHER education blogs are talking about.

Sherman Dorn is an experienced academic historian of education who posts on ed policy and his own academic process.  His insights are great, but I have really appreciated his posts on putting together a class for this summer.  His thoughts on how to structure the class, its goals and what to include (and not include) have proven helpful to me in how I think about creating a new course.

Finally, the Jen Beckman 20×200 project is a really neat concept; you can get prints of original artwork for $20 – we’ve bought a couple already and I keep thinking that if this had been around when I was an undergrad I would have had far fewer generic posters on my walls.  Etsy.com is also great for inexpensive, unique art.  It’s not productivity or education, but aethetics are nonetheless an important consideration in staying happy, healthy and centered.