This is exciting for 3 reasons:

  1. I’m the sole author.  Just me.  No Chair, not really even a mentor in this area.
  2. It’s in my new specialty, the area I intend to do my dissertation in and work in, so this will give me some credibility in the field.
  3. This is the core of the topic I will be doing my dissertation on, so
    this gives me a chance to put it out there and get some more feedback
    on it; to really work on making my thinking more sophisticated and to
    really fine-tune what I will be doing.

This makes me so excited I can barely speak!!!  I mean, this is a big deal to me, and I did it all by myself.

The comments from the committee were very useful, pointing me to a useful reference, a third potential historical example and some clarifications I need to make in both my wording and how I think about it.  The historical example requires more looking into, but if it works out it is precisely halfway between the two other examples time-wise.  The question is whether the situation has something unique to add to the case I am making…..

Regardless, I’m so amazed and thankful it was accepted!