I’ve been avoiding calling the old adviser and officially “firing” him.  He and I have never communicated well, and I just couldn’t see how that would improve under the circumstances.

I’ve also avoided asking the internal person to be on my committee on the assumption that I should do it in person and would have to work for it.

Both of these things turned out to be untrue.

I called the old adviser today, told him my new direction (which he heartily approves of) and then told him that I was making Mentor my official Chair instead because Mentor and I have a strong working/writing relationship.  He thought that was a great plan and that I was making the decision for the right reason, wished me the best and rung off. 

I emailed Internal to tell her I wanted to speak with her, specifically about being on my committee.  She wrote back that she would be happy to be on my committee and we could meet for coffee sometime after the end of the semester.

I can only assume that I avoid these things because I hate asking people for help or disappointing them.  In each case I was convinced it would be a problem and I was avoiding it.  I really need to get over that.  I am still going to have to approach External, who I don’t know nearly as well….