We got an extension on our conference presentation, so it’s due on Monday.  I spent 10 hours at my computer today, working on everything BUT the discussion and conclusion.  Tomorrow I will spend another 8-10 hours writing the discussion and conclusion.

Before 8pm tomorrow night I will send it to chair, who will shred it because there is something about my style that doesn’t mesh well with his.  He’ll make a stack of edits, which will need to be integrated before I send it to the discussant/chair/etc Monday night. 

That was supposed to be it.  I was going to have the next 2 weeks to prep for the conference, or more accurately to prep for the seminar I’m supposed to be doing at the end which has a LOT of required advanced work.  Instead, chair thinks our paper needs interactions and wants to work on it more before the conference.

I can’t WAIT until this damned conference is over so that I can actually relax a little.  I’m tired….