I’m working on a proposal for a History of Education Conference, and in the process looking at a bunch of newspaper articles from the time period (1840-1842 NYC).  Journalistic styles were far less…uhm…strict.

This particular article is talking about the public school commissioners election and basically talks about how all the big groups are putting together their own ticket.  The article finishes by saying:

So that now is the time for all who have a new religion to come out, and run a ticket.  The Mormons, and the Fourierites, amd the Infidels, and all will run a ticket, because those elected will be paid a handsome salary, besides all the stealings.  So come on with your new religions.  Lose no time. (The Public School Question, The Weekly Herald, 4/30/1842)

Who knew you would end out laughing out loud while doing research like this….

Another article reports on a public meeting held on the School Question and includes, among other things, direct quotes of the snarky comments and interruptions (“cock-a-doodle-do”) throughout the proceedings.  Every time some of them came up, I might add.

Today’s journalism really does lack the entertainment value of these older papers….