• I took today as a mental health day.  Well, actually I called in with a migraine.  I did have one when I first woke up, but its gone now.  However I slept in until 11:30 when the fuzzy creatures decided that either mommy was getting up or they would play right over her…Since 2 of them are 100lbish rottweilers, that made getting out of the way somewhat urgent.
  • I am in a genuinely good mood.  No idea why.  All the things to do are still there, as is all the pressure to do them.  But I’m still in a good mood.
  • I wonder when my bifocals will be ready.  On the one hand I’m sad that I need them (and frankly I only need them a little*) but on the other they will be an interesting fashion statement.  I may need to buy several pairs on line, to coordinate with different outfits….  I’m kind of looking forward to them…
  • How do minimalist decorating styles deal with books?  I realized I don’t know.  Is it impossible to be a minimalist with lots of books?  Or do I have to invest in book shelves with doors?

* By a little, I mean I had Lasik surgery 10 years ago and see pretty darn well at a distance.  However I appear to be acquiring (or worsening) the astigmatism in one eye and BOTH need reading glasses now.  The unevenness of the two eyes has been contributing to my headaches.  So the idea is to fix that and have reading classes right there when I need them.  Technically my distance vision is still very good, but I can see the difference between the two eyes and it’s bugging me.