It’s remarkable how little I got done today…

  • Instead of getting up at 9 and getting to work, I slept in until 11:30
  • Instead of working until I had to leave for my haircut, I caught up on all the blogs I read
  • Instead of coming home and working after my haircut, I went shopping
  • Instead of coming home from shopping and working, I cleaned my desk
  • Instead of working on my clean desk, I’m blogging
  • Instead of working when I finish, I intend to go watch the 3rd Pirates movie tivo’ed off pay per view last night

That last one is me giving up on getting anything else done….

My writing group meets for the first time this semester tomorrow.  None of us submitted anything to review, and the one thing I was going to submit requires a major reconceptualization that I can’t get done in time to send anything.  Ah well.  Worst case, we meet, chat, and try to get each other psyched to get some work done…. or something…