Part of being a scholar, particularly one with a historical bent, is dredging through dusty library stacks to find obscure books that might be relevant to what you are writing on.  Or at least that is what being a scholar USED to mean.

Now I can throw in a search string and find a book that is spot on relevant to what I am writing about that exists only in one or two libraries, text-searchable (so I can find the right sections) and downloadable.

I just found THE PERFECT SOURCE for my work on proto-choice movements.  It includes the actual texts of the resolutions, amendments, and approvals that went before the New York Public School Society during the period I am writing about.

Read that again – the text of the actual resolutions….not just commentary, but essentially primary source documentation as well.  And unlike me, looking back on this stuff from 160 years in the future, the book was written a mere 30 years after the key events happened!!!

I’m so happy!!!