Fall apart in the face of a migraine.

How was today supposed to go?

  • Up between 8 and 9
  • Go for a bike ride (exercise)
  • Shower
  • At my desk and working by 11
  • Lots of time to get things done…

How today is ACTUALLY going?

  • Lay in bed with covers over head until12:30
  • Shower
  • Put on dark sunglasses to run to the drug store for diet coke to go with the excedrine and sudafed
  • Come home and try to cook something to eat
  • Find out the something we were cooking contains an ingredient we’re allergic to
  • Cook something else
  • Get to desk around 2:10
  • Remain unable to concentrate due to lingering headache

Classes start this week.  So much for getting some stuff out of the way before that happens….