It’s things like this that make me start thinking of myself as a feminist.

An article published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution entitled:
“Double-blind review favours increased representation of female authors.”

The Abstract:

Double-blind peer review, in which neither author nor reviewer identity
are revealed, is rarely practised in ecology or evolution journals.
However, in 2001, double-blind review was introduced by the journal Behavioral Ecology.
Following this policy change, there was a significant increase in
female first-authored papers, a pattern not observed in a very similar
journal that provides reviewers with author information. No negative
effects could be identified, suggesting that double-blind review should
be considered by other journals.

A visual aid:

My field is good about double-blind studies, but the idea that we are still fighting this battle in the modern academy reminds me that the battle isn’t over.

Many Many thanks to the Angry Professor for bringing this to my attention.  Everyone needs to see it.