It’s the end of the year and on my list for Sunday or Monday (after my mother leaves; see previous post) is a good organizational clean-up. 

1. I need to get my GTD system updated and ready to go for the new
year, which will involve a number of steps:

  • Decide what to do about my someday/maybe list.  I think I need to split
    it; someday/maybe BEFORE graduation and someday/maybe AFTER
    graduation.  I don’t want to look at the latter on a regular basis
    because frankly it just reminds me how much longer I have to go.  The
    former has very little on it.  I’m open to other alternatives, but
    right now looking at it tends to make me feel bad or distract me.
  • Update my google calendars to reflect my plan and put exercise back on the list
  • Print my calendars for the next 3 months and put into my binder
  • Print off new blank diyplanner forms so that I have a ready supply
  • Clean out old projects; this includes both removing ones that are complete or inactive and cleaning up the pages of the ones that are still active so that there isn’t as much random useless crap.  It may involve some rewriting and almost certainly will involve some brainstorming
  • Create new projects for things I know that I have coming up
  • Rewrite task lists for neatness and organization (there are lots of done items; the one thing I dislike most about a paper system is that I want the done items to disappear on their own.)

2. I need to get my office and desk cleaned up and cleared up

  • File everything that needs to be filed
  • Make labels for things that need them and file that as well
  • Reorganize my remaining stuff so that it is at hand, won’t be forgotten, but isn’t in my face
  • Order the books for my class(es)
  • Recycle what can be recycled
  • List any books that can be sold on Amazon marketplace

3. Make a trip to the Good Will with all the stuff that doesn’t fit and that I don’t think is worth keeping.  It’s already been pulled from the closet; we just need to load it up and take it there.

4. Clean up and put away all the christmas stuff

  • Take down and put away decorations
  • Put away gifts or decide what to do with them (donate/regift/etc)
  • Plant little live christmas tree and rosemary bush somewhere in the back yard

5. Basic cleaning

  • Change the sheets
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Put away as much clutter as possible

6. Clean and sell old laptop (This is harder than it sounds; the internal CD drive is dead and the thing is too old to boot off anything connected by USB.  I’m 5 minutes away from taking a magnet to the hard drive and selling it for parts….)

I’m sure there’s more, but that ought to keep me pretty busy over the next week or so.  If luck holds I can get this all done and have a day to work on the paper we are doing. 

So what do you do for your end of the year clean-up?