I’ve set the following goals for myself between now and January 15th related to my academic work:

I also have several non-work things I need to do:

  • Choose a paint color and repaint the kitchen (color chosen doesn’t work)
  • Choose a paint color and paint the master bedroom
  • Take icky vertical blinds down in master bedroom and put up nice chocolate curtains
  • Clean, declutter and organize; the place is a disaster
  • Get back to regularly exercising

So, what did I do last night?

I read blogs, watched TV, tried to get google talk working with my yahoo account, downloaded fluff audio books from the library and converted to ipod format,  and felt guilty about not working on any of that stuff I’m SUPPOSED to be working on.  Oh, and I went to home depot for paint swatches that we later used to pick a color for the kitchen.  Heck, I even felt guilty because I didn’t finish all the blogs.

Why is it so easy to procrastinate or do other things when you have a lot to do? 
Why is it so hard for me to give myself a night off to vegetate, watch the Wizard of Oz miniseries that SciFi ran (and I Tivo’ed) this week and forgive myself for doing it?