I’ve skimmed through maybe 5 blogs on my list so far this morning and already come across the following blog posts directly related to my field of education policy:

Outside the (toy)box wrote about schoolhouse commercialism, a major topic for one of the faculty at my school.
Uncertain principles wrote about the conflicts regarding whether American schools are really as bad as some people want to say they are.

I responded to both.

And that’s all before I got to read via RSS the debate going on between Gerald Bracey and Diane Ravitch over on Huffington Post about the supression of a report back in the early 90s.  (These two have been at it for 15+ years, but the fact is they both misstate the other, overstate or underplay things and in general represent opposite ends of a spectrum with the truth likely to be somewhere in the middle.)

What a day….

And it’s still early….