Original goal: 10,000 words
Actual relevant academic writing: 7,912

Projects completed:

  • Proposal for “Politics, Activism, and the History of America’s Public
  • Curriculum Final Paper on the curricular choices of charter schools
  • Factor Analysis Write-up
  • Peer review of philosophy in ed paper

Projects not completed (or even started for that matter):

  • School Lunch Journal Article

OK – so not a terrible month.  If job applications, updates on my resume and CV or other things like that counted I would be well over 20k.  However this was about academic writing, so they don’t.

I want to keep giving myself targets.  Not so much word targets, but goals for things to get done.  So, for the semester break (ie now until January 15th), despite the holidays and the fact that my mother is coming to visit for 10 days* I want to get the following things done:

That’s a lot of work, but it’s the 4th, my classes are done, and I’m giving myself until 1/15.  That should be enough time.  I hope….