It is possible, although by no means guaranteed, that I am done.  For the semester, I mean. 

  • I’ve written the paper I needed to write and although I need to read it over again tomorrow morning to make sure I didn’t say anything especially stupid or miss any major points (and perhaps put a cover page on it, now that I look at it), I think it’s OK.  Not great, but I’ve hit that point in grad school where I don’t care to put effort for GREAT into class papers that won’t turn into conference presentations or publications.
  • I’ve answered all the questions on the take home multivariate statistics exam.  It is possible that I could spend a couple of days reviewing the material and get another 10 points over the entire exam, but frankly I don’t want to.

Tomorrow I have to go to campus, drop these both off, meet with my adviser to plan our work over the break, then go interview for a job I don’t really want but can’t afford not to consider.  Then tomorrow night I need to search and send off a huge stack more of adjunct applications.  However I’ll be done with my last semester of taking classes.  That is both exciting and terrifying, at the same time.  At least, it would be if I weren’t exhausted from 2 12 hour days straight to get all this done……

I need to leave my office for a while….