I’ve started and deleted about 3 posts on the whole theory thing in the last 3 days, so I’m going to skip it for the moment until I know what I want to say.  In the meantime, here are some general updates:

  • I have an interview for a job in my old field on Monday.  I don’t WANT to have to take it, but I probably will.
  • Tonight is the last class meeting of my last required class.  EEP.  Of course, it’s not my last class overall because next semester my adviser and I are participating in a grant writing class/workshop with a regular meeting time.
  • I have applied to dozens of colleges that employ adjuncts.  I have no signs of interest from most of them and the 2 that have expressed a bit of interest are talking about summer.  Which is nowhere NEAR soon enough to avoid taking that job above.
  • I am eating like crap, not exercising on any schedule and drinking too much diet coke.  This is my reaction to stress when I can’t spend money.
  • I am, however, having a moderate amount of success selling books on Amazon Marketplace, so I may use that to buy some different books…

I’ll post something later on using Amazon Marketplace to feed your book habit.  I’ve learned some things that are worth sharing….