The job news this week really threw me for a loop.  There I was on Monday talking about creating a reading habit and then Tuesday it all fell apart.  Now I have to get that back.  Moreover I also got out of the writing habit and the exercise habit.  So, here are some of the ways I will be using to get myself back on track.

1) Revise your schedule – My scheduled reflected my pre-job-issue life.  I needed to revise it to reflect the time I need to be spending on ensuring that I find a job for after the first of the year.  So I reviewed my schedule and changed some of my time to focus on job issues.  This work needs to get done but it needs to not take over my life.  Scheduling time in to send out resumes, respond to calls and search for opportunities allows me to know that it will get done while still getting OTHER things done.

2) Prioritize – I need to add this job-search to my days until I have something solid.  That means determining what won’t fit or where I can cut some time.  But that doesn’t mean I should cut other things entirely.  I still need to exercise and I still need to read, but I also need finish out the semester strong and submit some conference proposals.  What that means to me is scaling some things back to make time.  I am scaling back foundational reading to an hour per night and changing one conference proposal from a completely new topic to a tangent on an existing topic.  That way I can harvest some of the writing I’ve done elsewhere to put the proposal together.

3) Realize what you can’t do – It is more important to get a job that will support me through the remainder of school than to present at an obscure conference.  There will be more conferences.  I dropped one proposal.

4) Don’t just drop the things you don’t want to do – yes, I could skip working out for the next couple of weeks.  Not like I’ve been that good about it lately.  But in the end that hurts only me.  The exercise, the stress release, and the mental break are all still necessary and important.

5) Forgive yourself – Falling off track when something major and negative happens is normal.  It’s important to not berate yourself, let it go and focus on moving forward. 

One step at a time.