I had a bit of a revelation today; for a scholar, Reading is Productive.  It isn’t a hobby.  It isn’t something you do JUST ENOUGH of to be able to write (which is what I have been doing).  Reading is productive in and of itself.

Feel free to swat me up-side the head for taking this long to figure it out.  It seems so very basic now.

So, I need to build a new habit and it goes something like this.  I will arrange my work such that I can spend at least 2 hours every single day reading material that is related to my research but not directly for a class.  That 2 hours after dinner, before relaxing for the evening will become the time I spend reading something relevant. 

Each of you reading this can help keep me honest.  There is now a sidebar item called “What I’m Reading Now”.  It should be changing regularly.  I read slowly, but not that slowly.  If it hasn’t changed by the middle of the week, you all have permission to ask uncomfortable questions about why I’m not making any progress. 

OK – Page 113 of a 181 – that should be doable tonight so that I can start something new tomorrow.

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