I am 95% happy with My Graduate Student Planner.  I am using it and keeping it up well, and it has almost everything I need.

More importantly, however, the last 5% isn’t worth fighting for.  It consists of 2 things:

  1. There are notes related to todo’s that are not in the planner because they predate the new planner.  However this is fixable with a touch of transcribing or, better yet, finishing those items and removing them from the todo list entirely.  This will go away completely over the next few weeks anyway.
  2. Some strange neat-freak part of me wishes that the “done” items actually disappeared so that the first page of todo’s was always stuff that still needed doing.  As a result I have been rewriting stuff more regularly than perhaps is necessary for neatness sake. 

That latter reason would have previously sent me running for a technical solution.  Not this time.  I’m listening to the 80/20 rule.

I do want to add one thing to the system now that the basics are working.  I want to start using Jott to send myself todo items when I am driving, shopping, or otherwise can’t stop and write something down.  I have a digital voice recorder that I tried to use for this purpose but found that I wasn’t listening to it regularly.  Jott sends you an email, so that at the latest I will see the todo item the next time I check email.  Since it took me 2 days to remember to send the email to my teacher that I kept thinking of in the car instead of anywhere useful, this seems like it might be a simple addition that doesn’t require any new hardware.