A woman is suing the police because she was drunk, lied to the officer about having keys and drove, getting into an accident.  She called the cops because of a fight with her boyfriend, was cited for being drunk under age and told the cop that the boyfriend had taken her keys.  He even made her dump out her purse and search around the car for other keys.  He had her call her parents to get her and talked to the parents, who assured the cop they were on their way.  She told him she would wait for her parents.  As soon as he left she got a key from somewhere hidden that she had told him she didn’t have and drove.  She hit a wall and was seriously injured.


As far as I am concerned, he did everything reasonable and MORE. 

What pisses me off even more is that the city is going to have to pay to defend this or settle, which sets a horrible precedent. 

Why do people insist on blaming someone else when they do something stupid?  Why is the cop or the town responsible because this dingbat lied to him multiple times? 

This whole thing offends me….