I realized today that I have fallen COMPLETELY off the GTD wagon.  I have a set of toodledo lists that I haven’t looked at in weeks.  New to-do’s are just hanging around on whatever I wrote them on.  And I obviously don’t trust my system. 

Of course, I realize that 2 days before I leave (at an obscenely early hour) for a whirl-wind 3 day conference.  But, of course, the conference is part of WHY I realized I was off the wagon… I have class tomorrow and then a flight at 6:30am Thursday, so I need to get everything done tonight and I have no idea at the moment what “everything” is.

So, it is 5pm.  I need to make dinner for myself and my husband in here at some point (with leftovers for him while I’m gone) but otherwise have until bed-time to get things done.  My goal for the evening is:
1) gather my wildly scattered lists and put them into one
2) prep and get dinner in the oven – anyone have a good casserole recipe?
3) while it is in the oven, WRITE all those items (I’m going back to paper for now) onto the appropriate context lists
4) eat dinner with husband
5) execute the items on the lists that have to get done at home tonight.

I am also going to substantially reduce the number of context lists I have.  Pretty much to 5

  • @Home Office
  • @Home
  • @PD (consulting job)
  • @Campus
  • Reading

The only errands I really have are things like home depot, pet store, grocery store, etc.  We maintain running lists of that stuff on the refrigerator.  Almost everything else I tend to buy online.  I have internet at ALL those places (although I separate home and home office to indicate things that are not in front of a computer at home from those that are.)  Reading can be done in almost any of those places so it needs its own category.  I think.