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I suppose being the only girl on the chess team wasn’t a give-away.  (Hey, I won a lot of games by wearing a low-cut v-neck tight sweater and leaning over the table…  I wasn’t actually that good of a chess player.)

Then again, maybe taking a programming class in 1983 (the first one my high school offered, the first semester of my senior year) and writing a program to run D&D combat on a Commodore PET might also have been a sign.

Or could it be that I’ve had email and network access of one sort or another continuously since 1985, went to New Orleans to MEET people in real life from relay (the BitNet ancestor of IRC) in 1986 and had my first web page in 1994?

OK, the fact that I played D&D from 1982 until I was in my late 20s on a daily basis was almost CERTAINLY a sign.  Frankly, I last played only a few years ago (2001), so I played for almost 20 years.  How’s that for wasted brain cells.

I just wish someone had TOLD me I was a geek/nerd when I was in high school.  It would have saved me a lot of time.